I lived in York County all my life There are ways to save the nursing home

I lived in York County all my life

The York County Commissioners say my life costs too much money.

There are ways to save the nursing home

But the York County Commissioners refuse to look at options.

True Cost Burden

What is the actual per tax payer burden? The Nursing Home is NOT the leech on taxes as the commissioners claim!!! Math does not show this!!!   York County PA Census Data published online: POPULATION: 442,867 Median Household Income: $58,409 Poverty Rate: 10.7% Number of Employed: 222,498 Median Property Value: $168,800   Nearly 11% of […]

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Ways to Save YCNH

This is a collective list of just a few of the MANY ways we, the concerned public, are trying to show as viable to the County Commissioners. We want them to see there ARE OPTIONS!   We do not have to approach this as an ALL OR NOTHING agenda!!!   Create a philanthropy outreach position to work with organizations such […]

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Important Videos

Before things vanish from the internet, we want to preserve various videos that illustrate the WILL OF THE PEOPLE to save the nursing home!   Town Hall Meeting on 3/27/2018 – The Commissioners SHUT DOWN the voices of the people when a county resident tried to speak up about things they did not want to […]

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Share Your Voice

Just a little effort, a little focus, and a little care… and it will WORK! Let’s not be just another County among Counties that go down this road of greed.  Let’s show York County, Pennsylvania, and the Nation… that with a little focus and determination, a community can continue to care for those that desperately […]

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Save Pleasant Acres

Our county has a proud heritage of being a community that cares about each other and places humanity above greed. Our county has stood out as being one of the best areas to live within Pennsylvania. This pride is being corroded by the three serving commissioners of York County, as they alone, are deciding to sell the County Nursing Home. They claim it is a BURDEN, when it really is not. The public outcry at recent meetings has shown that we, the tax payers and voters, WANT the nursing home to remain a County service! It has been documented and proven that the care for low income patients suffers when it is under a privatized FOR PROFIT company. Our veterans, our elderly, our sick and ill, and our NEIGHBORS do not deserve that!

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We have our videos online!!!  Watch these important videos.


Chris Reilly, Susan Byrnes, Doug Hoke – SHOW YOU CARE!

Email them! Tell them STOP THE AGENDA TO SELL!

President Commissioner Susan Byrnes
Email: SPByrnes@YorkCountyPA.gov

Vice President Commissioner Doug Hoke
Email: Dhoke@YorkCountyPA.gov

Commissioner Chris Reilly
Email: CBReilly@YorkCountyPA.gov